Unix/GNU Windows

By Alexis Wilke
Started in Dec. 2006
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Welcome to the Unix/GNU Windows home page.

The aim of this projects is to provide the community with a valuable tool for any Unix like environment: a packager. We started to work on wpkg, based on dpkg, the famous Debian packager.

Our packager, wpkg, is a rewrite in C++. It is heavily based on Boost and Boost-Extras. Since it is a rewrite, it is far from being complete, yet it should already offer enough functionality. Version 0.5 can install a new package checking for dependencies, remove, purge and list installed packages, extract package files anywhere, list information about a package (control file content and list of files available in a package.)

At first, we foresee converting the .zip packages available on MinGW/MSYS and gnuwin32. As we move forward, we will create USYS which we hope will help in porting other packages to the MSYS environment without having to change the code much.