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By Alexis Wilke
Started in Dec. 2006
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Removing a package with wpkg is very simple. The following is the command to type:

	wpkg --remove <package-name>

Notice that <package-name> is not the name of the .deb you installed, but the name of the package which was installed through that .deb file. In general, when a .deb package is named:


Then the package name is the <name> part without the sub-project, version or architecture (thought many projects now include a version number such as 2 or 3 in their name.) If you are not sure, you can check the name of an installed package with the --list command as in:

	wpkg --list

If you still have the .deb file, then you can check the name with the --field, --info or --show commands. In case of the fields, you need to look at the field named Package as follow:

	wpkg --field my-package.deb Package
WARNING: wpkg must be installed as /mingw/bin/wpkg.exe for this command to work properly. This is automatic when you install USYS.