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By Alexis Wilke
Started in Dec. 2006
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One of the most important feature, in order to manage many packages, is to properly name all the files coming along. For this reason, there is a page explaining the naming convention used for wpkg packages (which happens to be the same as the one used by debian packages.)

Any package filename is composed of three parts. Each part is separated by one underscore (_) character. The filename ends with the .deb extension. The three parts are the package name, its version and for binary packages, the architecture it was compiled for.


Usually, the package-name part is the same as the name found in the Package field of your control file. At times, there are additional fields written after a minus (-) character such as -devel for a package needed only by developers.

When building a package using the --build option and a .info file, the package-name is generated out of the concatenation of the Package and Sub-Package names. For instance, a package named sswf with two sub-packages named bin and lib would have two .deb files named sswf-bin and sswf-lib. Note that there are two exceptions: (1) if the Architecture is set to source then the Sub-Package name is not used; instead it sets the Architecture to src; (2) if the Sub-Package name ends with an asterisk, it is not used to mangle the package name.

Say, for instance, that you compile the z library twice: once with the assembly language extensions and once without these extensions. You can then create two packages named like this:


The version part of the package filename must match the Version field in your control file exactly. For more information about versions, read the Versions page.

For binary packages, the architecture part of the package filename must match the Architecture field in your control file exactly. For source packages, you can either put src or nothing. The following shows two samples of source package filenames and one for the corresponding binary filename:

	wpkg_0.1.deb               source
	wpkg_0.1_src.deb           source
	wpkg_0.1_win32-i386.deb    binary