Unix/GNU Windows

By Alexis Wilke
Started in Dec. 2006
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Packages available for download

You will find the most current list of USYS packages available for download on the SourceForge.net website under the UniGW project. Go to the project download area and look in that list of files.

The first package you want to download is wpkg. This package includes the tool you need to install all the other .deb files. You will find more information on how to install wpkg and the .deb files on the USYS Installation Instructions page.

If you cannot find the package(s) you need, let us know, and if we have time, we'll create the necessary .deb files for you.

If you are have a project of your own and would like to be included in our list of .deb packages for USYS, then, please, submit a request. We'll check that your package is conform to our policies. Once it is, we will release it for download in our UniGW download area.